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Faculty of Departments & Graduate Institutes
 Faculty of Departments & Graduate Institutes
Chen, Chin-Chung The History of Calligraphy, The Esthetics of Calligraphy, Chinese Paleography
Yu, Ya-Tzu A New Account of the Tales of the World, Cultural Studies of Ancient Family Motto, Academic Cultural Studies of Wei, Jin, and the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Literary Theory, The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons
Liu, Chin-Hsien Neo-Confucianism of Sung and Ming Dynasties, Chinese Philosophy, Kant's Philosophy
Han, Bi-Chyn The Classic of Rites, Introduction to Sinology, Bibliography, History of Chinese Literature, Ritual Study
Chiang, Chien-Yi Confucian Classics, Academic History Study
Lin, Chin-Yen Chinese Paleography, Scholium, Documents Studies
Lin, Shu-Chen Chinese Poetics, Chinese Ci, Fables, Narrative Literature, Theory of Chinese Literature, Modern Literature, Materials and Methods of Teaching Chinese
Lin, Wen-Ping History of Chinese Thoughts, Laozi and Zhuangzi, The Book of Changes
Tsai, Miao-Chen The Chronicle of Zuo, Studies on The Spring and Autumn Annals, Classical Short Story
Lee, Chien-Fu Classical Poetry and Prose, Classical Literary Theory
Lo, Hsiu-Mei Modern and Contemporary Literature, History of Literature and Literary Theory, Modern Prose, Modern Fiction, Traveling Literature
Lin, Jen-Yu Popular Performing Arts and Literature(Folk Song, Arts of Qu and Drama), Folk and Culture, Buddhist Culture and Literature, Dun-Huang Studies
Chou, Wen-Kuan Chinese Academic History, Buddhist Studies, Editing Theory and Practice
Hew, Yuen-Suey Chinese Phonology, Etymology, Dialectology, Hakka Culture
Hsieh, Kun-Hua Modern Literature, Modern Chinese Poetry, Modern Chinese Fiction, Movie Reorganization, Literary Sociology, Imagery/Image Narrative Intertextuality, Knowledge Dig Study
Chi, Li-Feng Literature of the Six Dynasties, Theory of Literature of the Six Dynasties, Study of Ci and Fu
Huang, Tung-Yang Religious Literature, Classic Fiction, Study of Culture, Philology
Chen, Chien-Yuan Cultural Anthropology and Field Research, Study of Tourism, Study of East Asia, Culture of Fashion
Chen, Shuo-Win Contemporary Literature and Culture, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Shih, Mei-Ling Linguistics, Scholium, Modern Literature, Taiwanese Literature, Literature and Language
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